Our story began not casual, since 2005 I have been working in the industry related to the sale of lingerie and accessories. After years of cooperation with the factories and customers come to the realization that many manufacturers seek more benefits to the detriment of quality and design. Moreover the price of the goods after import are not as accessible. I always wanted to offer a unique product with an interesting design, manufacturing and quality at an affordable price. Therefore, the creation of its own brand was the obvious step of the activity.


M A R R E Y - are goods of our everyday life, through which we miss the vivid emotions and good mood. His inspiration we draw from traveling, socializing with talented people, designers, stylists and our partners. We are always ready to realize interesting and popular ideas, so open to cooperation and kollobaratsiyam.


I am sure that we have started a good deal, and soon through our work and as young ambitious entrepreneurs products MADE IN RUSSIA become synonymous with style, quality and correct operation. We are proud of the fact that all products are manufactured at the Russian factories. Carefully we are working on every detail of cutting and fabrication, carefully chosen materials and accessories. We care about all of our products have been nice to wear, give, and just look :)

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